Admission Requirements

Admission requirements

Preadmission Core Courses: Complete 9 hours with a GPA of 3.00 or higher from the following Electronic Arts preadmission core courses before applying to the program: ART 100(3), MED 290(3), MED 365(3), MUS 216(3). Core courses in the student’s chosen option must be completed before applying.

Initial portfolio review

Portfolio must include a minimum of two and a maximum of three examples of audio, video, interactive new media, and/or computer animation work, with at least one example coming from the preadmission core course in the option area to which the student is applying. Students seeking admission to the Electronic Arts program in the area of Computer Animation Studies must include at least one work from ART 230 or ART 330. Specific guidelines are required for portfolios. See advisor or the Electronic Arts Coordinator for details.