Careers and Outcomes

Have a creative career

Your degree in electronic arts prepares you for the career you’ve always wanted.

  • Computer animation
  • Filmmaking, special effects and digital post-production
  • Interactive multimedia and web design
  • Music recording and producing; sound design for film
  • Video game creation and design

Push the boundaries as you fuse media with technology and art. Lead the way in making new, innovative content.

Make your dream job your real job.

What can you do with an electronic arts degree?

Your career options may depend on the track you choose to pursue.

Be ready for the workforceStill from animated movie.

By the time you graduate, you will have a portfolio of your best work.

Your portfolio:

  • Shows your expertise and skills within your focus area (track).
  • Proves you have the communication and interpersonal skills needed to work on a creative team.
  • Highlights your technical, aesthetic and problem-solving abilities.

Have the soft and technical skills employers want

Gain experience on pro-level sets. Interact with clients. Know how to do a variety of jobs. Be a team player.

More skills mean you’re more employable.

With a degree in electronic arts, you’re equipped to work anywhere, for anyone.

Take advantage of the many career opportunities available online. Find work in business, education, the arts, entertainment and more.

Where do electronic arts graduates work?

Our success is found in our alumni.

After graduating, they usually enter graduate school or launch their professional careers.

You can find our alumni working across the globe.

Alumni Graduation Year Employment Experience
Jody McFarlen Butts 2013 Interaction Designer, Cerner Corporation, KCMO
Garrett Trip 2013

Agent Assistant, Murtha Skouras Agency, LA

VFX Assistant, “Geostorm” Warner Brothers

Brook Linder 2013 Director/DP, Music Videos, LA, CA (9 Inch Nails video 2017)
Nick Anello 2013 Sound Designer, ARU Chicago, IL
Evan Pollock 2013 Owner, Pollock Pictures, Bellingham, WA
Andy Wolff 2014 Freelance Editor, Disney Interactive, LA, CA
Samantha Sweet 2014 PA, Marvel Entertainment, Brooklyn, NY
Derek Parker 2014 User Experience Designer, PlayStation, San Francisco, CA
Raymond Schmidt 2015 Production Assistant, Cartoon Network, LA
Brian Schwabauer 2015 Freelance Videographer and Graphic Designer, Austin, TX
Graham Haerther 2015 Assist. Tech Director, Student Life University of MO
Josh Moore 2016 Freelance Audio, Tuscaloosa, AL
Hillary Vu 2016 Motion Graphics Designer, Blend Studio Springfield, MO
Samantha Rohde 2016 Digital Strategist, Conference Technologies, Inc. St. Louis, MO
Becca Thompson 2017 Intern, ARRI Rental, Atlanta, GA
Raymond McCord 2017 VR/AR Development, Self Interactive, Springfield, MO
Peter Batemon 2017 KSMU Radio, production assistant
Gloria Cohen Shomo 2008

Owner, Artisan Media Partners, LLC Hawaii

Digital Effects Coordinator, Life of Pi

Visual Effects Coordinator, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Visual Effects Coordinator, Moneyball

Visual Effects Coordinator, Little Fockers

Nathan Borror 2005

Founder, Readernaut

Developer, Public Studio

Product Designer, Dropbox

Product Designer, Facebook