Admission Requirements

Your first steps

To major in electronic arts:
  1. Become a Bear: Apply to Missouri State.
  2. Before completing 60 credit hours, follow these steps:
    • Declare or change your major to electronic arts by visiting the Academic Advising and Transfer Center.
    • Meet with your assigned advisor. You’ll discuss admission requirements and develop your schedule.
    • Complete your major’s admission requirements. You maintain pre-major status until you meet all admission requirements.
    • Complete the Degree Program Application Form to update your record. Your advisor can assist you in this process.

Application and portfolio review

To apply to the electronic arts program:

  • Meet the admission requirements listed below.
  • Download and complete an application, which includes a portfolio review.

Applying to the program does not guarantee your admission.

Most students apply during the spring semester of their sophomore year or fall semester of their junior year.

Download program application (.docx) Download program application (.pdf)

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Electronic Arts (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

This program is offered in conjunction with the Department of Art and Design.

Admission requirements

Complete the following 9 hours with a GPA of 3.00 or higher before making a portfolio application to the program:

  1. Foundation courses (6 hours): two courses from ART 110(3), MED 365(3), MUS 216(3). Students must complete the foundation course required in their option area before submitting their portfolio application to the program. Required foundation course for each option:
    1. Audio Studies: MUS 216(3).
    2. Computer Animation Studies: ART 110(3).
    3. Interactive New Media Studies: ART 110(3).
    4. Video Studies: MED 365(3).
  2. Pre-admission core course (3 hours): one course from ART 210(3), ART 230(3), or MED 361(3). Note: Computer Animation students must complete ART 230 and Interactive New Media students must complete ART 210.

Note: All Electronic Media majors must complete all three foundation courses to satisfy graduation requirements.

Initial portfolio review

Portfolio must include three examples of audio, video, interactive new media, and/or computer animation work; one work must come from outside the option area to which the student is applying; and two of the three works coming from a course with the Electronics Arts program. Students seeking admission to the Electronic Arts program in the area of Computer Animation Studies must include at least one work from ART 230 or ART 330. Specific guidelines are required for portfolios. See advisor or the Electronic Arts Coordinator for details.

Major requirements (69 hours)

Major core (51 hours)
  1. ART 110(3), MED 365(3), MUS 216(3).
  2. One course from: ART 210(3), ART 230(3), MED 361(3) or MED 382(3). Note: course cannot be double-counted toward the student's selected 18 hour option.
  3. ART 300(3).
  4. Six hours from ART 498(3) or MED 498(3).
  5. Complete 12-15 hours from the following history and/or theory courses: ART 271(3), 272(3), 273(3), 274(3), 480(3), 484(3), 492(3); MED 300(3), 304(3), 325(3), 355(3), 374(3), 375(3), 412(3), 454(3), 470(3), 570(3), 580(3), 581(3); MUS 239(3), 241(3). Note: chosen courses may only be used once in the major.
  6. With advisor approval, complete 18-21 hours of additional supporting electives (courses not already used to fulfill a major requirement) to best augment the major option. Choose from: ART 100(3), 101(3), 115(3); any ART or DES or MED or MUS course.
  7. Successful completion of the junior portfolio review and the achievement of a "C" or better grade in all required option courses completed at the time of the junior portfolio review must be achieved before admission to ART 498/MED 498, Senior Project in Electronic Arts, will be granted.
  8. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of ART 498(3) or MED 498(3).
Complete one of the following options (18 hours):
Audio Studies option

Department of Communication, Media, Journalism and Film

  1. MED 461(3), 561(3); MUS 100(2), 316(3).
  2. Seven hours from: MED 361(3), 382(3), 492(1-3), 595(1-3); MUS 103(3), 137(1), 327(2), 399(1-3), 416(3), 529(3); THE 558(3). Audio Studies students must complete MUS 216 before making a portfolio application to the program.
Computer Animation Studies option

Refer to Department of Art and Design section of catalog.

Interactive New Media Studies option

Refer to Department of Art and Design section of catalog.

Video Studies option

Department of Communication, Media, Journalism and Film

  1. ART 230(3), MED 465(3).
  2. 12 hours from: MED 360(3), 462(3), 466(3), 472(3), 492(1-3), 562(3), 565(3), 567(3), 582(3), 583(3), 595(1-3). Video Studies students must complete MED 365 before making a portfolio application to the program.