Electronic Arts Undergraduate Program

Still from animated short film, "Recoiled".

Make digital and interactive content

Create the things you love, from video games and apps to movies and albums.

Push yourself to the next level in an award-winning program.

With an electronic arts degree, you’ll gain strong technical and creative skills, build a deep portfolio and be ready to enter the professional world.


Track options

As an electronic arts major, you’ll specialize in one of four tracks.

Not sure which direction to go? The core classes you take before applying to the program will help you determine the best track to take.

Professor helping students edit audio.

Be an audio expert. Record, edit and use sound in different ways.

Animation student in class.

Do animations with an artistic flair. Design video games and characters.

Interactive new media student working in lab.

Build interactive tools that inform and guide people.

Students on movie set.

Make your mark in films and video content.

Student videographer on the set of Show-Me Chefs.
Careers and outcomes

Launch a successful career in a competitive, changing media landscape.

See what we make

Why major in electronic arts at Missouri State?

Student actor being filmed.

Career options

Pursue a wide range of employment paths in film/video, music, animation and interactive media.

Students discussing plans on film set.


Bring your artistic vision to life with a team of creators from across multiple departments: music, art and design, and media, journalism and film.

Professor talking to audio student.

Effective feedback

Enjoy lots of face-to-face time with the people who teach you. Small class sizes (15:1 student-teacher ratio for mid- and advanced-level classes) give you room to grow and learn.

Student in recording studio.

Great gear

The tools are in your hands. Have access to state-of-the-art facilities. Use the latest equipment and software.