Audio Studies

About audio studies 

Audio studies students in the Electronic Arts program focus equally on studio recording and sound design for film and TV. You'll learn how to record and mix music, as well as how to record field audio, and edit and mix sound for a variety of digital video productions, including commercials, music videos, and short narrative films.

The audio studies journey begins with a close look at the "power" of sound. You'll move on into signal flow and an introduction to the many tools used to capture and record sound. Over time, you'll work in both studio and field settings to gain familiarity and confidence with different kinds of audio gear, including microphones for studio, live and field recording, professional audio recorders, mixers & consoles, as well as the industry standard software, Pro Tools. And you'll learn a variety of techniques in multitrack recording, editing and mixing, as well as mastering soundtracks into stereo and/or surround sound for final release.

In short, you'll learn to capture, manipulate, and to think about sound in new and exciting ways. You'll learn how sound sets a mood and how it affects what we understand and how we feel.

You'll also discover the joy of working in close association to other EA students in a creative, collaborative, supportive environment. Come join us as we tackle all things audio in the Electronic Arts.

What can you do with a degree in EA - Audio Studies?

  • Audio Engineering
  • Producing
  • Studio Recording
  • Sound / Audio for Film
  • Music Composition
  • Film Score and Soundtrack
  • Set Recording


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