Application Information

Candidacy/Portfolio review

All students who declare Electronic Arts as their major must complete a preadmission core of four classes with a “B” or better grade point average and then submit a portfolio of work in the program area (Audio, Video, New Media Studies or Computer Animation) to which they wish to be admitted.  

The portfolio application typically occurs during the spring semester of the sophomore year, or the fall semester of the junior year. 

The portfolio contains a series of short essays, 2 or 3 significant works in the disciplinary area to which the student is applying, and involves a review of the candidate’s accomplishments academically and work outside the classroom.

It is important to understand that not all students applying to this major are admitted.  Students can resubmit their portfolio if not accepted during the first review period.   It is important for students to discuss degree option fallback plans with their academic advisor in case they are not admitted to the program after two portfolio reviews.   A sample EA Portfolio application is attached below.