Electronic Arts

Admission Requirements


It is recommended that students enroll in three of the four pre-admission core classes (ART 100/110, MUS 216, MED 290 and MED 365) as soon as possible since application to the major cannot occur until three of these classes have been successfully completed with a "B" average or better. Ideally, students should complete this core requirement by the end of the first semester and no later than the second semester of their sophomore year. Once accepted into the major, students should complete ART 300: Fundamentals of Collaboration in Electronic Arts as soon as possible. Please note that ART 300 is open only to accepted majors and must be completed (along with the Junior Portfolio Review) before majors can enroll in the year-long senior thesis project (ART/MED 498). As they work to complete the core, all majors should simultaneously pursue their minor and complete 18 hours in either Audio, Video, Computer Animation or Interactive New Media. This means that students should plan to take a minimum of 6 hours in the Electronic Arts curriculum and 3-6 hours in their minor each semester following acceptance into the program. Prospective and accepted majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their electronic arts advisor to review their requirements and to work out a sample course schedule by semester once accepted into the program. Please consult the Missouri State Catalog for undergraduate degree requirements.)

Electronic Arts Pre-Admission Core (12 hrs)

(Candidates must complete 3 of these courses before applying to the program.)

  • ART 100/110: Two Dimensional Design (3) (required for Animation studies)
  • MUS 216: Introduction to Audio Techniques (3) (required for Audio studies)
  • MED 290: Fundamentals of Multimedia Design (3) (required for Interactive New Media studies)
  • MED 365: Digital Film and Media Production (3) (required for Video studies)

Electronic Arts Core (7 hrs)

(Required of all admitted majors)

  • ART 300: Fundamentals of Collaboration in Electronic Arts (3)
  • MED/ART 498: Senior Project in Electronic Arts (2) (Repeat for two consecutive semesters for a total of 4 hours.) 


  1. The pre-admission core must be completed with a "B" (3.0) average, or better.
  2. Prospective majors must complete the pre-admission core course in the program area to which they are applying.
  3. All four of these core classes must eventually be completed by all EA majors.
  4. Majors must pass the Junior Portfolio Review in ART 300 before taking MED/ART 498.
  5. Animation Majors should enroll in ART230 as soon as possible.


Initial Portfolio Review

Portfolio must include a minimum of two and a maximum of three examples of audio, video, interactive new media, and/or computer animation work, with at least one example coming from a core course. Students seeking admission to the Electronic Arts program must include at least one work from area specific courses. Specific guidelines are required for portfolios. See advisor or the Electronic Arts Coordinator for details.