Computer Animation

About EA Computer Animation

The Animation program in Art and Design was ranked twenty-first in the top 50 public animation schools and colleges in the U.S. and thirteenth in the Midwest by Animation Career Review in 2015.

The curriculum explores a variety of animation techniques in both 2D and 3D. Advancing through the classes, students are asked to hone in on their interests and develop a body of work representative of their own abilities to build portfolios for careers in industries such as gaming, advertising, film, television, broadcast, and/or education. The animation area is distinctive in being one of the first programs offered within an Art + Design curriculum in the US, providing a stable of professionals at advanced stages in their careers with whom current students can connect.

What can you do with a degree in EA - Computer Animation?

  • Feature Length Computer Animation
  • Character Artist
  • Scene Artist
  • Texture / Background Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Video Game Design / Development
  • Visual Effects / Compositing Aritst


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